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All homes on Anchor Drive are part of South Harbour Estates HOA.

Services and Dues

Dues are $90 a year (due July 1) and cover maintenance of the entryway (sign, lighting, landscaping, sprinklers, lawn service).

  • Please deliver or mail your payment to us at #81 Anchor Drive, Indian Harbour Beach FL 32937. If you drop it off, use the HOA mailbox by the front door.

Property Maintenance

Residents are responsible for maintaining their property in a neat and clean manner, comparable to other properties in the neighborhood. For example,

  • Lawns should be regularly mowed and edged, bushes and trees trimmed as needed, beds kept free of weeds, sprinklers kept in working order, etc.

  • Trash cans should be out of sight when not in use. Learn more >

  • Driveways and sidewalks should be pressure washed as needed.

  • Commercial vehicles, boats, RVs and other oversized vehicles may be parked temporarily and cannot block traffic or driveways.

  • Hurricane shutters are strongly encouraged when needed, and should be removed as soon as possible after the weather clears.

Note: Members of Anchor Village receive some of these services through that HOA. Learn more >

Fire Pits

In the city of Indian Harbour Beach, fire pits are not allowed. Since the city does not have their own specific requirements regarding open burning, they follow state regulations. Note these requirements are regarding open burning (where embers may quickly drift towards buildings or trees), but enclosed fires (like BBQ grills or small propane fires) are allowed.

Feeding Squirrels and Other Wildlife

There have been several reports of damage such as chewed cable TV wires and nests in car engines. As a community, we can all help reduce/eliminate these pests.

  • Please do not feed any of the wildlife, including squirrels, birds or feral cats.

  • Do not leave any pet food outside overnight.

  • Also, please check your yard and remove any debris that could be used as a home or hiding place.

  • Check the exterior of your house to identify any entry points, however small, and close them off. A professional exterminator could help identify them, and help you solve any existing problems.


No signs are permitted on any lot other than one real estate sign advertising a property is for sale or rent.

Exterior Alterations and Additions

Any exterior alterations  or additions must be approved by the board.

HOA Documents



Please send your request form to us at and allow 48 hours for a reply.

Approvals for Improvements

Please send your request form to us at

Board of Directors

  • President: Dan Lynch

  • Vice President: Phil Yacavone

  • Treasurer: Robin Postal-Sandland

  • Secretary: Christie Kraak

Board meetings are the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. via Zoom and open to all SHE owners and residents. If you would like to attend, please contact us at, include your name and address, and we'll send you a link. 


1. Secretary's report (2 min)

2. Treasurer's report (5 min)

3. Resident time (10 min)

4. Old business (3 min)

5. New business (30 min)

6. Open discussion (10 min)

7. Adjourn

Contact Us

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This page lists only a brief summary of topics. Please see SHE's declarations and covenants for complete details.

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