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Trash Pickup

Trash cans must be kept in your garage or some other place out of sight except on collection days. Please keep the storm drains free from branches and other debris.


All trash must be in a green Waste Management cart (square can with wheels). For large amounts of yard trash or bulk household trash (furniture, etc.) that won't fit in a cart, you must contact Waste Management to schedule a pick up.


For more information, including additional carts or different size carts, contact Waste Management at 321-723-4455 or


No signs are permitted on any lot other than one real estate sign advertising a property is for sale or rent.


  • All pets (including dogs and cats) must be on a leash when outside, per Brevard County regulations.

  • All owners must pick up after their pets.


  • Please park in your garage and driveway if at all possible.

  • We realize parking is limited, but we need to keep our street safe for children and pedestrians, and maintain clear visibility and traffic flow for vehicles. Per Florida law, parking is prohibited near the street corners, facing against traffic, blocking the sidewalk, within 30 feet of stop signs or on the grass. Please be aware violators can be ticketed for parking in areas marked with No Parking signs. The city has asked that anyone requesting police to issue tickets should call their non-emergency line at 321-773-3030.

Staying Safe & Secure

We are grateful to live in a very safe, quiet and friendly neighborhood. To reduce the temptation for prowlers, the Indian Harbour Beach Police Department recommends everyone in local neighborhoods keep their vehicles locked, do not leave valuables in them and keep their garage door closed.


If you notice any suspicious activity, please do not hesitate to contact the police and let them know. It is very helpful if they can investigate all concerns and reduce the chances of any further problems. For non-emergencies, please call the Indian Harbour Police at 321-773-3030. For emergencies, call 911.

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